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04/07/2014 11:55

We have jobs

Helena is in Brighton/UK/ and works in hospital pharmacy and I have got job in Prague/CZ/. Helca pracuje v nemocnicni lekarne v Brighton/UK/ a ja jsem dostal praci v Praze/CZ/.
06/06/2014 10:26

Back home

We are back home in Czech, enjoying familly, friends, beer and food. Now is time to find a job.   Jsme zpet doma, uzivame rodiny, kamardu, pijeme nejlepsi pivo na svete a plnime bricha spoustou dobrot. Ted musime najit praci a zacit vse nanovo.   Мы вернулись домой в Чехию.
29/05/2014 11:58

End of trip

After 27months on the road, 103333km our trip has finished in Auckland, New Zealand.
12/03/2014 19:55

We are in New Zealand

We arrived to New Zealand 4.3.2014 We have our car back, after waiting in Auckland  one week, all customs, quarantine and other procedures are done.   Dorazili jsme na Novy Zeland 4.3. a po tydnu cekani auto proslo vsema inspekcema a muzeme vyrazit objevovat krasy teto zeme.    
28/02/2014 08:17

Shipping to New Zealand

We are shipping car to New Zealand today. We spent 150hrs cleaning it so hopefully we will not have trouble with quarantine inspection. We are flying to NZ 4.3.2014 Po 150 hodinach cisteni posilame auto na Novy Zeland a my letime 4.3.2014
10/02/2014 21:41


After New Year in Victoria we have been more them month in Tasmania. Beautiful, relaxed part of Australia. We are going back to mainland 16.2.2014 and shipping car to New Zealand first week in March. We started small project, which we will keep in secret for now. 
12/11/2013 11:50

We are in NSW

We are in NSW now, very nice mountains/New England, Barrington Tops/, beautiful empty beaches, lakes. We are planning to spend few days in Sydney. All photos are on the website.
15/09/2013 06:57

Latest news

Long time since our last update. After 23000km in Australia we arrived to Brisbane. After visiting Perth we went to Exmouth-Broome- Gibb River Road-Darwin-Alice Springs-Cairns-Cape York and we are exploring east coast now.  
01/05/2013 18:09

We are in Perth/Jsme v Perthu

We have covered 8000km since we left Melbourne and we are near Perth.   Po 8000km jsme dorazili z Melbourne do Perthu.
18/03/2013 22:06

We are on the road/Jsme na ceste

We got our beloved Delica last week and we started exploring Australia. Minuly tyden ve stredu/13.3./ jsme dostali nasi milovanou Delicu  a zacali nasi cestu po Australii

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